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X12 Technical Tutorial


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is classically defined as the application-to-application exchange of structured business data between organizations. X12 is an ANSI standard that supplies that structure. There are many good books concerned with the business benefits of EDI, implementation considerations, and operational aspects. You may find several listed on my Books and Magazines page. However, I have as yet found none that give a good introduction to the technical professional who wants a brief introduction to the standard. These pages are intended to give the EDI or X12 newcomer a brief technical overview of X12.



Syntax and Control

Semantics - What the Data Means

Implementation Conventions, or Why EDI is Such a Pain


These X12 Technical Tutorial Pages copyrighted by Michael C. Rawlins, 1998 and 1999, all rights reserved. They may be freely copied or distributed in part or in whole so long as they are not done so for profit and this notice is included.


Last updated by Mike Rawlins, August 2006.