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Upgrading X12 Versions / Adding New Documents


Most major U.S. companies now require their suppliers to use EDI – and the rest will follow to remain competitive. Even after you meet their initial requirements, they often want you to upgrade X12 versions or add new documents.


Rawlins EC Consulting eats and sleeps EDI. We are on top of the latest EDI system requirements, X12 standards, and major implementations. This enables us to help you quickly and cost-effectively satisfy your evolving customer demands without keeping on full-time dedicated EDI person on staff.


UCCnet (GS1), EDIINT/AS2 and Other New Technology


Walmart, AAFES, Target, and many other major retailers are looking to product data synchronization using GS1 (formerly UCCnet) as a way to reduce their costs in dealing with suppliers. However, their cost reduction effort can be costly for you if you can't make product data synchronization work to your benefit too.


Rawlins EC Consulting can analyze your specific needs and provide an appropriate solution for your existing IT systems based on the size and complexity of your product catalog.


In addition, our technical expertise and independence from software vendors helps you select the most appropriate solutions for EDIINT/AS2, and newer data exchanges based on Extensible Markup Language (XML).


Current EDI Solution Costing Too Much?


Are you currently using two or more web-based EDI providers to satisfy different customers? Is the cost of entering data twice starting to impact your bottom line? Are your VAN bills too high?


Rawlins EC Consulting has worked with EDI applications for a wide variety of companies and industries since 1992. Our vast experience guides us in reviewing your current EDI systems and contracts, allowing us to make educated recommendations that can help you reduce your EDI related costs.


Here’s the Best Place to Start


Has a major customer presented you with EDI or e-business requirements that are technologically foreign to you? Has your key EDI expert left you? Are you overwhelmed by backlog?


Rawlins EC Consulting speaks EDI and all the other critical technical languages that can make or break your business opportunities. We’re ready to roll-up our sleeves and take on your biggest EDI or other e-business challenges. Call us today to discuss how we can make your life simpler.