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Big Fat Disclaimer, etc.


For reasons that still escape me, my ramblings have occasionally been misconstrued as representing the official positions of organizations with which I am affiliated. Since to at least a few people the nature of my remarks is not obvious from the context, I am obliged to issue this disclaimer as well as a few other bits of administrivia.


Unless explicitly noted in forms such as but not limited to "John Doe believes that", "the XYZ Consortium says", or "the ABC company maintains the idiotic position that", the opinions expressed on this site and especially in the EC Contrarian essays are solely and entirely my own. They should not be interpreted as representing the positions of any organization (past, present, future, existent, non-existent, public, private, or otherwise) with which I may or may not have been, are or are not, or will or will not be affiliated at some time in the past, present, or future. Any similarity to the positions of organizations is coincidental, a random quirk of fate, and probably unfortunate on their part.


Any ill considered, ridiculous, inane, or outrageous opinions, illogical, dumb, obscure, convoluted, or twisted reasoning, or obtuse, pedantic, crude, or otherwise regrettable examples of bad writing are entirely my own fault. For alleged instances of slander, libel, or sedition or violations of nondisclosure agreements, copyright law, or state secrets acts, have your attorneys contact mine. However, if you like the writing I will take full, glorious credit. You can send checks to the address on my Contacts page. If you can just take or leave the writing, why are you wasting your time reading this?


I will endeavor to correct factual errors if they are reported to me within a reasonable period of time following initial posting. I generally do not post "letters to the editor" or accept unsolicited material for posting. Hit counts and circulation figures are my own damn business and I'll tell you about them only if it pleases me.


Finally, sometimes I hardly know what I'm doing myself so it would be loony for me to speculate on what someone else is thinking or what drives them. If you read personal attacks into anything I write, that is not my intention. Furthermore, if I write something that pisses someone off so much that they attack me personally in a public forum, I don't intend to respond. It's like wrestling with a pig. You just get muddy and the pig enjoys it.


I hope this should satisfy anyone’s concerns or questions. If it doesn't, then you probably need help that I am not licensed to provide.


Mike Rawlins