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Here are brief reviews on a few books and other publications dealing with Electronic Data Interchange. A lot of good books have been written on the subject, but I only list here those that I've personally read or examined. Most of these titles are fairly dated by now, but still provide some useful information.  In some cases you may find them still in print and available from sites like Amazon.com, or you may be able to find used copies. All prices are original approximate list prices in U.S. dollars. Availability of titles was last checked in July, 2006. Titles listed as "not generally available are listed as not available on Amazon, though you may be able to find them on other used book sites.

See also my page on XML books.


  • Moderate price, technical - Demystifying EDI - Russell Allen Stultz and Michael Busby, Wordware Publishing, 2000, 306 pages, $39.95. This book is very unusual because it is both a relatively new book about EDI as well as focused on the technical user. A very nice feature is a fully functional evaluation version of Trading Partner Desktop. The only downside is that it is padded with examples of transaction set implementation guidelines (you can easily find equivalent material on the web if you know who you're trading with). But, if they left that stuff out it would be a pretty skinny book. Out of print and not generally available.
  • Moderate price, general - EDI: A Total Management Guide, Second Edition - Margaret A. Emmelhainz, Ph.D., Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1993, 263 pages, $45. The best and most up to date of the books on this list. Scholarly, with many facts, statistics, and references. Available used on Amazon as of August 2003. EDI - What Managers Need to Know about the Revolution in Business Communications - Richard H. Baker, TAB Professional and Reference Books, 1991, 346 pages, $33. Good overall book on EDI from management and business perspective. Good chapters on how EDI is used in various industries. Available used on Amazon. This was one of my top picks when it was still in print.
  • Expensive - Handbook of EDI - Richard Bort and Gerald R. Biefeldt, Warren Gorham & Lamont, 1994 with annual updates, big, price $160. Comprehensive, well organized, and more oriented as a "how to" guide for one who needs to implement or maintain an EDI system. Timely, with annual updates. 800-950-1205. Out of print and not generally available.


Althouth primarily about XML, you may also find of value the EDI section of my book Using XML with Legacy Business Applications. It is currently out of print, but you can probably still find a copy through Amazon or another on-line seller.


  • EDI - A Guide to Electronic Data Interchange and Electronic Commerce Applications in the Healthcare Industry - James L. Moynihan and Marcia L. McLure, Ph.D. - Irwin Professional Publishing, 1996, 185 pages, $40. By two of the more prominent consultants in EC for Healthcare, this is the better of the two books I've examined on this topic. More recent than Canright and Arges book listed below, and more comprehensive in that it covers more functions in more detail. Available new and used on Amazon.
  • Electronic Data Interchange - Paul Kimberley, McGraw Hill, 1991, 290 pages, $35. More technical than the other books listed here, dealing with message formats, communications methods, etc., but some business topics also. Business profiles are slanted toward activity in the U.K. Available used on Amazon.
  • Electronic Data Interchange, A guide for health care institutions - Collin Canright and George Arges, American Hospital Association Publishing, 1993, 104 pages, $45. Order by phone at 800-242-2626. A good introduction for Health Care professionals who want to read only one book on EDI. A short book, very high level, has but good case studies on hospitals using EDI. Somewhat outdated due to rapid advance in standards. Over priced, and of questionable value if you plan to read any other EDI books. Available used on Amazon.
  • Open Networking with OSI - Adrian Tang and Sophia Scoggins, Prentice Hall, 1992, 710 pages, $62. Though primarily a book on Open Systems Interconnect networking, there are good chapters on EDI (as EDIFACT), X.400, and X.435. Available used on Amazon.
  • The Law of Electronic Commerce - EDI, Fax, and E-Mail: Technology, Proof, and Liability - Benjamin Wright, Little, Brown and Company, 1991,431 pages. Annual supplements are published. This is a very good, comprehensive book concerning the legal aspects of EDI and electronic commerce. Probably more of interest to attorneys and others concerned with contracts. This is a law book. Available new and used on Amazon.


At one time there were several magazines, newsletters, or journals that focused on EDI. The burst in the tech bubble and maturing of EDI pretty much did them in, and I know of none that are still being published. You may in some cases find them in libraries or find collections that you can buy on-line. If you find any laying around a library or someone's office, most are probably very outdated by now and of little use. However, there is one exception, which I list here.

  • EDI Forum - The Journal of Electronic Commerce - Published by the EDI Group, Ltd, then Thompson Financial. Around 100 pages per issue, it was published 3 to 4 times a year. Each issue contained ten to fifteen articles dealing in depth with current topics in EDI and EC. Good in depth case studies. Generally informative, well written, and good reading.